June 05, 2013

Milan is sustainable!

Zara, store on the main street
Everybody knows than Milan is full of famous luxurious boutiques, but did you know this city is also focused on eco friendly initiatives?
 Here are some of the most famous examples.

Zara- one of the most well-known brands in Europe has decided about support an ecologic project in their biggest store near Duomo. A piece of artwork named "Plastica Millenaria" within the entrance is made entirely of plastic bags. The artist, Hagar Fletcher, describes how he believes that since these plastic bags will be around for years after use, why not turn them into a timeless piece of art.

H& M provides a bin for old and worn clothing in some stores in Milan. This clothing will be a part of recycling initiative. For every kilogram collected there will be a donation to a local charity, and you will even receive a voucher to purchase new H&M clothing! Their Spring Collection also featured an eco-friendly evening wear line.

Calzedonia, Italian brand of underwear aims to recycle your used swimming suits. Bring in your old swimming suit and receive a discount for a new one !
We are ready to change our environment, but we must start from daily activities!
Large brands have started becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, hopefully this will     be a trend in seasons to come as well!

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