June 10, 2013

Designer Profile: Anna Prestigiacomo

Designer Profile: Anna Prestigiacomo

Anna Prestigiacomo’s passion for fashion began in New York city where she was born and raised.  Through her education and internship experiences at various companies in Italy, Anna has found her own sense of aesthetic in the art of fashion.  Anna has also gained a sensibility towards a goal to create outfits that translate the desired allure without altering the natural way of being.  Anna Prestigiacomo’s collections are created by series of design and developmental work that aims to strengthen charisma, elegance, and confidence in her customers. 

Anna is continuously inspired by the way women communicate through fashion.  In today’s world, women are more aware of what they are wearing, from the design to the materials that are used to make the garment.  In Anna’s mind, a woman is capable of being elegant and stylish with eco-friendly fashion garments because she is dynamic and actively contributes to the preservation of this earth. 

Anna Prestigiacomo presents a dress that is made of recycled fabric that combines light and shadows with the form of movement of simple and durable lines.  This design bring out a dress that has her own edgy attitude, yet fully respecting the environment.

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