June 07, 2013

Congratulation to the TOP 14 Contestants of Ecofashion Lab!!!!

It's been pleasant to receive so many amazing sketches from you guys! It's been really hard to decide who will be the TOP 10 contestants for the final round and we really would like to show all these amazing sketches in Miartfashion Week but it would be impossible; anyway
we decided to increase the contestants who will pass into the final round!!

So, finally ladies and gentlemen, here they are our final contestants for the 2013 Ecofashion lab contest!!

1.Anna Prestigiacomo

2.Clara Garavaglia e Martina Minotti

3.Domenico Puglisi

4.Julia Ivanska

5.Kittisak Mainthong
6.Laura Isoardi
7.Li Yank
8.Lidia Cardone
9.Lolanda Oliveira
10.Marina Agazzi
11.Matìas Andrés Rossi
12.Matteo Dell'Orto
13.Serena Vannucchi
14.Valentina Cavoli

Thank you for the amazing sketches from all contestants and Good luck for the people who go to final round. We are looking forward to see your amazing Ecofashion clothes!

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