June 16, 2013

Designer Profile: Domenico Puglisi

 Designer Profile:  Domenico Puglisi

Domenico Puglisi comes from a village called Torregrotta in the province of Messina, Sicily.  Ever since when he was little, he has always had a love for art.  For that reason, he attended the Art Institute of Messina.  After his education at the Art Institute of Messina, his passion for fashion grew even stronger.  Currently, he is attending the Marangoni and is continuing his dream of becoming a fashion designer. 

The head scarf consists of a mix of ideas such as the countryside, scarecrow, and flowers.  To accomplish that, Domenico pairs tissues that are linen, cotton, and jute. 
The head is a suit in which the bodice from the waist up is flared and curled slightly at the waist. All the upper part is covered by potpurri. From the waist down is a flared skirt in linen, which will be applied with strips of burlap.  Domenico really enjoys discovering and working with different plant fibers because it really accentuates and focuses on the idea of eco-friendly fashion.

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