May 23, 2013

Be part of Milan Fashion Week... like a fashion designer !

Have you ever dreamt about be a fashion designer?
Here is a great opportunity for you to be a part of one the most important fashion events in Milan.
Here are steps to how you can be apart of this amazing fashion competition!

1. Apply as soon as possible, but remember the deadline is June 5th!
2. learn about the rules and regulations.
3. Send your sketches and final piece ..

WIN !! 

           10 fashion designer will get a spacious trade space near the La Scala Opera for FREE !
    3 days ( from Friday to Sunday) can be your once in a life time opportunity to receive large visibility from famous fashion organizations and designers and be on your way to become a fashion designer!

What's in it for you ?! 

1. You will meet people for fashion magazines, buyers, important personalities from the fashion world especially from Milan. 

2. The judges of the contest are from Vogue, CNA and others important fashion organizations.

3. The CEO of Missoni will be present at the fashion contest. 

4. The winner will receive support to create their own professional business plan and marketing strategy. 

Take a look what VOGUE has written about our last edition. 
EcoFashion Lab vol. 2

Regulations and Deadlines/Regolamenti e Scadenze

   Regulations and Deadlines:

1.    Sign up NOW by going to and click on the tab Application Form
2.    Send in your final sketch with the following by June 5th, 2013
  • A completed sketch of the final piece
  • A brief description of the final design outlining the break-down of the garments that will be used to create the piece
      3.     The top ten contestants will be chosen by series of judges and will be announced by June 7th
      4.     Final final event will consist of a completed piece which will be showcased at Spazio Bossi-Clerici from Friday, June 21st to Sunday, June 23rd 
      5.     The WINNER will be chosen on Sunday, June 23rd


Regolamenti e Scadenze:
1. Iscrivetevi ORA su e cliccando su Application Form.
2. Manda un bozzetto e una spiegazione del tuo lavoro entro il 5 giugno 2013.
3. I 10 lavori migliori verranno scelti da una giuria e annunciati il 7 giugno.
4. Il capo completo verrà mostrato durante l'evento finale allo Spazio Bossi-Clerici da venerdì 21 giugno a domenica 23 giugno.
5. Il VINCITORE verrà scelto domenica 23 giugno.