June 18, 2013

Iolanda Oliveira

Designer Profile: Iolanda Oliveira

Iolanda believes that sustainable fashion will show how flexible, revolutionary and sophisticated fashion can be. By recycling materials creatively and effectively, it is possible to save these raw materials and find new ways to use them. She emphasizes the fact that are so many people around the world who do not sustain the life cycle of clothing. 
Clothes are marketed, bought and worn. But then we get tired of this clothing, it is no longer fashionable or it doesn’t fit anymore, so we forget about them or put in the trash. Is not because we do not understand the whole process of production - in terms of natural, technological, human 
factors –  but we need to act as if the story of the garment is everlasting rather than cutting it short due to neglect to recycle. Iolanda knows how there is so much information and technology available to aid us in being sustainable. She believes sustainable fashion is not a marketable feature or extravagant thing, but a global necessity.

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