June 12, 2013

Designer Profile: Matìas Andrés Rossi

Designer Profile: Matìas Andrés Rossi

Matìas Andrés Rossi is only 19 years old and has a defined passion for fashion that he expresses through studying fashion design. He enjoys working in conceptual design and discovering unique combinations that complement each other. Matìas’ dress is constructed without seams. Instead he used a frayed crochet. This handmade technique allows two pieces of material to be joined without an overconsumption of energy. 

Matìas believes that fashion sustainability is important because being eco-conscious is a way of taking responsibility for the world, and can be done so as a form of social and personal expression. It is important that the fashion industry has pursued this cause in open arms. Matìas is glad to see that more and more designers and textile companies join this movement every day.

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