May 27, 2012

EcoFashion Lab Interview: Marina

Name: Marina
Age: 24
Hobbies: Drawing, Designing and Sewing clothes, Reading, Travelling and discovering new places. She sings in a band and plays the flute. She likes photography, cinema, the history of fashion and art. She also writes on a personal blog (link below).
Field of Study: Fashion Design, thesis in Kimonos

Why do you think Ecofashion is important?

In my way of designing dresses the ethical aspect is very important. In my projects I am always careful to respect the environment and I always try to use natural materials, old dresses and remnants. For example, I made a corset  with canvas and decorated with old vintage buttons and last April I exhibited it during Milan Design Week in a exhibition called Eco#Net, whose theme was recycling and environmental projects. Especially at present, fashion has to think more about environment, recycling and quality, and less regarding to increase irresponsible consumer society.

Why did you join the EcoFashion Lab?

Because I was and am looking for competitions about fashion and especially about environment. I found EcoFashionLab’s theme of recycling clothes very interesting.

What has inspired your sketch?

My sketch was inspired by a different re-use of old jeans and, as always in my design, by Japanese fashion (kimono, dress’ adaptability to the body...), and by sculpture-dresses by Roberto Capucci. When I could get the clothes from AIESEC I decided to use denim, black and white lace.

--- Marina's Blog!

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