May 27, 2012

EcoFashion Lab Interview: Malitza

Name: Malitza
Age: 22
Hobbies: Cooking and Knitting, especially.
Field of Study: Fashion Design

Why do you think Ecofashion important?

It is wrong to say nowadays. It is something that should have always been in our minds and a good opportunity to start thinking now if not before about fashion and how it can change. Especially to me it means sustainability - consciously doing fashion and showing that even 'eco' can be in fashion.  A lot of people think that just because something is eco it has to look a certain way.

Why did you join the EcoFashion Lab?

I heard about it from friends and saw it on the Internet and I thought it's a great possibility to be involved in such a project. It's a great possibility especially for students, which isn't often in this town.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

 I hope to work for a company or maybe start my own business with my own vision of fashion and changing the world in terms of fashion.

What inspired your sketch?

When I read about the rules, this year we were supposed to concentrate on cotton and denim. As I'm not used to working with denim, I wanted to find a way to combine two of my passions which is knitting. I used a normal pair of jeans and cut it into very thin strips and I'm going to knit it together for a portion of the outfit. I also plan to dip-dye the pants. I was inspired by streetwear and women's fashion and thought about doing a retro 60's idea.

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