May 27, 2012

EcoFashion Lab Interview: Lidia

Name: Lidia
Age: 21
Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Watching Movies, and Reading.
Field of Study: Fashion Design

Why do you think Ecofashion important?

I think that with ecofashion we can create beautiful garments and part of their beauty comes right from the fair philosophy beneath them.

Why did you join the EcoFashion Lab?

My professor kept us in contact. The theme inspired me, so I decided to sketch something for the competition.

What inspired your sketch?

I wanted to enhance the beauty of a sartorial piece of garment and make it the fundamental piece of a dress. The sleeve of the denim shirt got my attention, so I drew a dress in which the basic structure was a t-shirt, while the front and the skirt were created assembling shirt sleeves.

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